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[ Around the corner from the post office is Med'an, watching people go in and out. He won't stop you from redeeming your box tops, but if you come out bleeding from anywhere, he will come to you and offer healing. Of course, you can reject him if you're the sort to enjoy bleeding. He'll look disapproving, but it's your loss.

Later in the evening he'll also be on the phones. Filtered from drones of course.

I'm sure everyone's heard by now. But the processing fee for your tops is dangerous. I've seen eyes, fingers, legs....so decide how important the prize is to you, before you go there.

...for those who've already gone. Did you see what happened to anything you lost? Did they put it away somewhere, where we could get it back?

[Hey Mayfield, have the crackling of a fire from your telephone. No, the house isn't burning, judging by Med'an's voice. It's calm - but then it's also a bit angry, and more than a bit sullen.]

What do they want me to do with this?

[The fire is snuffed out.]

[We will go ahead and say this is backdated to this morning. Med'an is on the phone with someone, and he sounds confused, just like everyone else....]

Five thou - that's...three zeroes? Yes? So five thousand. By - what?! By tomorrow?! But that's - five thousand of them - ?!

[Whoever's on the other end must be yelling, because he scrambles to apologize.]

No, I will! I can - hang that many flags by tomorrow! Y-yes, sir! [...] Comrade? ...he hung up.

[Awkward silence while Med'an takes a moment to digest his new job.]

....Would anyone like a flag?

[Med'an had been absent from Mayfield's public life for a couple of weeks now. School had ended, fortunately, but that wouldn't have stopped him from being out of the house often...if he hadn't gotten sick, that is.

This type of flu was new to his system, and so he got it worse than others. Chills, fever, sore throat, the works. He's been zonked out in his room for forever.

From the hoarseness in his voice, it's obvious he hasn't completely recovered, but he's well enough to drag his butt up and get to the phone, and filter the call from Layton even!

I know that it will be late, but I want to give my foster father something for Father's Day. I've never celebrated it before - [cough] - is there something traditional....?

If Grady tried to stop us from talking to Jane Smith - from Samantha - then we should get through to him first.


Evan. We should get through to Evan. Or stop him, if we have to.

[Another pause. A little annoyed sounding.]

We've all stopped eating each other, right? [And then gentler again.] Is everyone alright after that?

[Med'an woke up repeating the message left for them by Richard Grey outloud. He's back in Mayfield, in his nice bed, in his nice house. It barely registers. The first thing he does is write down what he remembers.

The message is fading quickly. When he's done he looks at his handiwork and knows that his version is phrased differently. His memory's changed the words, moved things around. But it will have to be good enough, and he has to tell everyone what he heard.

So here he is, on the phone, reciting the message.

"This is a message by Richard Grey, former citizen of Mayfield and Westport.

If you’re here, that means you probably know all about the war....Mayfield, Westport, everything that happened...so I won’t go over the details. It’s a long, sad story.

Evan betrayed us. If we had a little more time, maybe we could have made it...but it looks like.... [...]

Sacrifices, Evan? It’s my own fault for not seeing this coming. I can’t even muster the energy to hate him. I just hope it was worth it.

Annie’s gone. I couldn’t save her. [...] If you can hear this message, please find her and help her if you can. Her and any others who might still be alive. We brought this on ourselves, but they don’t deserve this. Nobody does.

[...] I’m the last one left. I can run a little longer, but I don’t see the point. Every day....Zemekis gets a little stronger - every day his influence spreads a little more. Now he’s got Evan working for him too. I can run and run, but... [...] I can't run any further.

So it’s time to do what I should have done, and face the inevitable like a man. It’s time we finished this, once and for all.

I wish I could say that I’m not scared, but it seems I’ll always be a coward. [...] I knew Mayfield was the wrong choice - I knew it from the very beginning, and I went along with it anyway. Because I was too afraid to take the alternative. We all were, and in the end, we paid for it.

I don’t know who you are or how you’ll hear this message, but if you’re not one of us, that means you’ve been dragged into this nightmare as well. [...] And for that, I’m really sorry. We never meant it to be like this, we never meant for this to happen, but it did anyway.

This is my last message to whoever is listening. I implore you not to make the same mistakes as we did. Don’t fall prey to fear and suspicion, don’t let the lies of Mayfield overcome your judgment. If you want to escape this place, you must trust one another, stand together...and succeed where we failed.

This is Richard Grey saying goodbye, and good luck."

That was....what I heard. And then there was a little girl at the end. She was laughing.


I remember falling unconscious, after we'd found Luke. How did we get back? [pause.] Are all of us back?

[And a longer pause, for him to poke his head out of his room and see if there's a puzzledad around here. We'll assume he finds some sort of evidence that this is true!]

We are. [...] What happened to us?

I thought I was the one who never thinks before he acts! Can't you see that this is a trap? No matter what we saw on the television, Westport is going to be dangerous!

And don't you remember hearing that name before? After the new year, when the town told us that some among us had been replaced by monsters - they told us that Westport had been hit first! The entire town, a "bloodbath"!

We can't just go running out to see people who may or may not be there! I'm not saying not to go at all - but we have to think before we do!

I knew I shouldn't have done it. But I wanted to see what it was. And so I thought...no. I wasn't thinking. It's like Meryl always says. I never think before I act...!

[And from behind Med'an is a....sheepy noise?]

I'm sorry. I'll...I'll figure out how to fix this. It should just wear off in a few seconds...

Gods, I hope it just wears off in a few seconds...

[ooc: Med'an has received his arcane powers back for the event. Unfortunately, only one spell works - and it's firing off randomly. Approach and you may get turned into a sheep for a minute or two.]

[This is just a drabble about Med'an and his mother. It is not relevant to the game. Please ignore. XD]

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Hello? Has everyone else's telephones started ringing a lot?

How do you make it stop? Can you turn it off somewh -

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